Tea does not thrive in Minnesota.
Tisane is the proper word to use for herbal beverages


  1/2 ounce -$3.00  

County Road 7

The perfect mix of
sweetness and asringents,
All from our Minnesota

  Blackberry Raspberry Cinquefoil Goldenrod
1/2 ounce -$3.00  
A Half and Half mix of
Wild Blackberry leaves an Wild Strawberry leaves and delicious red stems.

Nettle Leaf

Only the top fresh leaves in the spring are picked for this nutricious cold remedy. Nettles can be put in soups and stews as well

1/2 ounce -$3.00  

Solidago Rigida

My favorite Goldenrod for flavor.

a mighty diuretic and diaphoretic.

1/2 ounce -$3.00  

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Where to get Woodsways Tisane

Staples Farmers Market

CALL - 218-296-2525

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