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Woodsways Herbs are hand picked on a remote parcel of lowlands in Wadena County, central Minnesota.

No chemicals have been use on the land for at least fourty years, possibly never.

Balsam Poplar

Karen Stout Heller CEO

Woodsways Herbs are native to this land and have been thriving here with the wild animals since the last ice age.
These herbs are picked by hand very carefully,
(and not over picked)
to ensure their continued existance.





The potency of Woodsways Herbs is high, because they grow in a harsh, wild environment, being naturally pruned by the deer and rabbits and other inhabitants


Grey stem Goldenrod



Woodsways Herbs are selected and picked at the peak of their medicinal utility. They are dried on racks in the forest filtered open air.

You can count on Woodsways Herbs to be absolutely the cleanest and finest available.

  About the farm....  


Some of the woods were cleared for farming in the early part of the last century, but layed fallow for many years. We bought the land in 1969. Some hobby farming was done in the 70's, but the sandy soil and early frosts were never much good for crops, and mostly wild hay was grown for the cow. The fields were planted into Norway (red) Pine in 1986, which are now a forest with all the wildlife expected, including bear, couger, deer, racoons, cyotees, rabbits, grouse, turkeys, eagles, and more.


In recent years I have aquired some helpers by way of grandchildren.

They help me keep out the invasive european plants, like dandelions, and also dig thistles.

We also have been transplanting some plants from not so far away, like labrador tea, bloodroot, and giant blue hyssop
  The Pipeline Labrador Tea
In 1940, the first crude oil pipeline crossed the land. Now there are four pipes below our driveway.
This has not been all bad.
For one, the land was abandoned for farming. Secondly, there is always disturbed soil sprouting up the best of healing herbs.

Native St. Johnswort...very small,
and very potent.
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